About Mathru Seva Samajamu

“Manava Sevayee Madhava Seva” Seva Sangam (Service of Humanity is the Service to the GOD). The Society established in 2014 by Smt. Muniswari and Viswanath Manyam. The Society was Under Observation for 2 years and then registered as Mathru Seva Charitable Society.

MATHRU SEVA CHARITABLE SOCIETY for Social Service (MSCS) is a voluntary, non-governmental, secular and non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making organization., Organization established in 2015 and is registered Under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act. 1860 (central Act No.21 of 1860) & XXXV of 2001. (Registration No.271 of 2015 dated 14.10.2015).The society can function anywhere in India.

Credibility Alliance Certificate :  MSCS is a 5 years old, District level, established Organization and has a clean image as a credible Organization among all stakeholders. It was good to note that there were very positive results of one external evaluations that were conducted by various agencies for their MEPMA programs, which re-established their credibility among government agencies. The Organization is recognized & valued towards up-liftment of the downtrodden people in Andhra Pradesh.

MSCS with its 11 members organizations renders multifarious services among more than 2500 poor people in more than 65 villages in 3 mandals and 2 Municipalities in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh especially in the areas of Women Empowerment, Health, Community Resilience to HIV/AIDS, Child Rights, Good Governance, Natural Resource Management, Capacity Building, Micro Enterprises for Poverty Alleviation and Career Advancement, Plantation Program without discriminating on the basis of caste, creed and race.

MSCS will be registered under 12A and has 80G Tax exemption under Income Tax Act 1961. MSCS also will be registered under Ministry of Home Affairs under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).



— We Find & Fund

Our goal is to find funds and work with likeminded people to propel and benefit our humanitarian causes.  It has been our constant endeavour to encourage people of the society to donate generously to our NGO, Mathru Seva Charitable Society, and play a role in the fulfilment of the needs of the underprivileged.


— We Build Networks

We partner and network with other NGOs, charitable organizations for effective functioning and aid in assistance of orphanages, old age homes, shelters for the homeless, women in distress etc.


— We Strengthen

We constantly work with educational organizations, orphanages, old age homes and the like and assist in generation of funds to establish, maintain, and support and provide the necessary infrastructure to help in the better functioning of these establishments which suffer from lack of basic amenities.


— We Educate

Eradication of alcoholism has been a pet project of our organization. We have worked relentlessly against the manufacture of illicit liquor. We counsel families on a regular basis on the ill effects of alcoholism and its consequences on the family and the society as a whole. We are also working meticulously against child marriages, societal taboos against women, and we promote the education of the girl child and women empowerment.


— We Provide Care

The number of old, handicapped, and infirm persons as well as deserted women being abandoned by their families has been reaching alarming proportions of late.  One of our major objectives is to provide them shelter and care, administering healthcare as the need arises.  We have also performed last rites of those who pass away in our care as we strive to provide dignity even in death.


— We Consult

We also provide consulting services to various NGOs and charitable institutions and aid in sharing of knowledge, planning and execution of successful charitable causes.



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